Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom Tooth Pain

wisdom tooth and wisdom tooth pain

Today we are going to learn about wisdom tooth and wisdom tooth pain. Many time we see people without slightest wisdom in their mind, but still they have wisdom tooth. Many people have query and questions about wisdom tooth, today I will share step by step guide for wisdom tooth pain, starting from explaining what is wisdom tooth.

What is Wisdom tooth ?

Wisdom tooth or wisdom teeth typically comes between age of 17 – 20 years, this wisdom tooth is normally a blocked tooth which is trying to come out pushing the gums. This wisdom tooth is impacted tooth normally as it does not have space to come in our mouth. Wisdom tooth may come sideways or may be tilted.

How wisdom teeth / tooth comes out ?

As mentioned above wisdom teeth comes around age of 20 irrespective of gender. It is not necessary that coming out of wisdom tooth is painful. Sometime wisdom teeth comes out and you may not even realize that you already have wisdom tooth. But when wisdom tooth cuts or flap the gum it becomes very painful in such scenario wisdom tooth hurt a lot

Symptoms of Wisdom Tooth

When wisdom tooth is coming out, you will come across below symptoms

  1. Swelling in gum due to wisdom teeth
  2. Difficulty in opening jaw
  3. Bad breath
  4. An awkward taste in mouth
  5. You will feel pain while opening mouth
  6. Even chewing and biting will also give pain
  7. Feel pain in adjoining teeths
  8. Pain in ear due to wisdom teeth

If proper treatment for wisdom tooth is not taken in case of pain then this might lead to wisdom teeth infection called pericoronitis. This infection can even further spread to other parts of body like throat and neck. Even you can get cavities in wisdom tooth and might also feel that your other teeth are moving from their place.

Wisdom tooth Pain and its remedies

Wisdom tooth pain can be unbearable many times and  it becomes really impossible to control pain in wisdom tooth. But still there are some temporary methods to control wisdom tooth pain which can give you time being relief.

  1. Rinse and gargle your mouth with hot salt water, take one glass of hot water and add one or two teaspoon of salt and rinse your mouth properly. This will help you to clean your mouth, remove food particles from gums and teeth and will also subsidies wisdom tooth pain for sometime.
  2. Applying ice cube on infected and swelled area can give you instant pain relief from wisdom tooth.
  3. Clove is best home medicine for wisdom tooth pain, just put one clove in your teeth and let it be there till the pain goes away.
  4. Another home remedy for wisdom teeth pain is using onion, just put onion outside or on the wall of wisdom tooth and along with that bite it gradually and you will experience relief in tooth pain.
  5. Peppermint is another natural method for wisdom teeth pain, place a cotton dipped in peppermint solution on affected teeth and your pain will start disappearing.
  6. Mouthwash can also help to stop wisdom teeth pain, just swish some water and peppermint based mouth wash for few seconds and you will see relief in wisdom tooth pain.
  7. You can also use soft cheese like mozzarella for relieving wisdom teeth pain.
  8. Soft ginger is also consider as remedy for wisdom teeth pain, you can cut and put a small piece of ginger on the infected / painful wisdom teeth and wait till pain disappears.
  9. Massaging gums and teeth with cinnamon oil can also give you relief from pain in wisdom teeth.
  10. A chilled potato can help to ease wisdom teeth pain, just place a slice of chilled potato on your wisdom tooth and the chilliness of potato will numb your nerves and you will not feel pain in wisdom teeth.

If non of the above mentioned natural remedies for wisdom tooth pain works, then you can take over the counter pain killer till you take an appointment with your dentist. Dentist will keep track of each and every wisdom teeth you are having and will also help it taking it out so that no other teeth are affected.

Treatment for Wisdom Teeth

Well there is no method for prevention of wisdom tooth in coming out, this is a natural process and everyone has to pass through this wisdom teeth coming out “syndrome”. Well the treatment for wisdom tooth removal or pulling it out is easy and will be take care by your dentist. Your dentist will pull out the wisdom tooth in such a way that it will not affect your jaws, mouth and other adjoining teeth. Dentist will give you medicines for wisdom teeth pain so that you can feel pain relief in teeth and after few days you can undergo this wisdom tooth removal treatment.

Please do let us know if you have any query or question about wisdom teeth and our panel of expert dentist will answer your queries. Please share your thoughts and comments below in the comment box.

Keep reading and keep smiling 🙂


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