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10 Symptoms of Mouth Cancer

10 Symptoms of Mouth Cancer ?Cancer?, this is the most frightening word that every one of us avoids to hear. Though science and medical technology has done immense progress, it becomes almost impossible to cure any type of cancer if it crosses a certain stage. If detected at very primary stage, cancer can be cured with proper treatment and surgery. Just like cancer of any other body parts, Oral cancer Read More


What is a root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is a common surgery or treatment which I am sure many of you have come across. Root canal treatment is among the most treatment that dentist do it on daily basis. In simple words root canal means cleaning deep inside the roots of tooth and repairing the damaged area. What is root canal therapy / treatment? A root canal treatment is a procedure to repair decayed or Read More


Broken Tooth Pain

Though teeth material is very sometime they get chipped, crack or broken and this results into broken tooth pain. How can teeth get broken? If there a minor or slight tooth crack or chip then it might not hurt and usually gets healed on its own. But if the fracture in teeth is large then it is going to give you pain like anything and will hurt you very badly. Read More

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Bleeding gums causes

Today I am going to talk about another common dental problem i.e. Bleeding gums causes. Well I have come across many individuals who were suffering from bleeding gums problem. Bleeding gums is not targeted to any age; it can be in kids, middle age people or old people. What is bleeding gums? When your gums start tearing up and get damaged it starts bleeding. This is called bleeding gums. You Read More