Denture Maintenance – 6 Simple Tips

how to look after denture

A Denture may not be important for the majority of people, but it is one of the most important part of elderly peoples life or for those who don’t have real teeth. Dentures help in facilitating proper chewing of food and in delivering clear speech. Weather you have partial denture or full denture you have to take care of your it to avoid any kind of infection and to avoid any damage.

Just follow these 6 steps of maintenance and your denture will stay like new for a long time.

1) Remove At Night

Wearing your denture every minute of every day can prompt tongue and denture plaque, gum aggravation and parasitic disease ? it’s bad for oral wellbeing. Your gums and other denture-bearing tissues require an opportunity to rest and recoup overnight. Moreover they profit from antibacterial substances in your spit. So give yourself a rest and take out your dentures consistently when they are not needed.

Essentially put them in a glass of warm water or a soluble peroxide based solution for 6-8 hours or overnight. You can use half water, half vinegar if there are no metal catches.

2) Denture Cleaning

Just as your normal teeth, dentures are vulnerable to a development of tartar and stain, bringing about bacteria, and should be cleaned consistently. Your gums can likewise get contaminated. You ought to brush your dentures in any event once every day with a delicate toothbrush or denture brush. Dentures can be cleaned with a somewhat rough toothpaste or hand cleanser, fluid antibacterial cleanser or chemical.

3) Proper Handling

Treat your false teeth with consideration ? they are sensitive and in addition costly, so don’t simply abandon them lying around. When you clean them, it is prudent to hold them in a collapsed wool or hand towel for security and to prevent them from slipping out of your hand and tumbling to the floor. Ensure your toothbrush is sufficiently delicate to clean successfully.

4) Maintain Oral hygiene

Dealing with your dentures is one thing, however caring for your gums and mouth is pretty much as critical. Each time you take them out (e.g. after each meal and during the evening), ensure you wash your mouth with water before you set them back in.

Additionally, bevore using your denture, give your gums and tongue some consideration by scouring with a delicate brush.

5) Perfect Fitting

Watch out for your dentures: Are they agreeable? Do they fit legitimately? Is there rubbing, soreness or agony? In that case, a visit to the dental specialist might be fundamental. Inadequately fitting dentures can bring about a large number of issues.

6) Use A Denture Box

Along with performing above steps buy a good denture box and always make put your dentures in the box to avoid any kind of damage to it. Denture boxes are sturdy, have nice shapes and colors and keep your denture safe. They are also very easy to carry along with you.

By following the above steps to maintain your denture, you should be able to avoid a lot of painful and costly issues.



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