10 Symptoms of Mouth Cancer

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10 Symptoms of Mouth Cancer

?Cancer?, this is the most frightening word that every one of us avoids to hear. Though science and medical technology has done immense progress, it becomes almost impossible to cure any type of cancer if it crosses a certain stage. If detected at very primary stage, cancer can be cured with proper treatment and surgery.

Just like cancer of any other body parts, Oral cancer or mouth cancer is also very dangerous and if not detected at the right time can lead to death.

10 Symptoms of Mouth Cancer

Painful Areas:

There is pain in the mouth or mouth and face. This pain is felt even if you are not doing any movement or by just opening or closing the mouth.

Painful Swallowing:

You might also feel pain while chewing food or while swallowing it down the throat.

Effects in the Mouth:

You will also see changes in your mouth like permanent bad breath, redness, white and red patches, dry mouth, ulcer which comes every now an then even after proper medicine and diet etc

Voice Changes:

You might feel that your voice has suddenly changed, it might be like impaired voice or sudden up and down in voice peach.

Throat Pain:

One of the sign of mouth cancer is continues soreness in your throat along with pain when swallowing food.

Loss of Taste:

Not getting any taste of food which you eat is another early sign of mouth cancer.

Pain in Jaw:

Feeling pain when opening and closing the jaw is also one of the common signs of mouth cancer. If this jaw pain continues for a long time, rush to your dentist immediately.

Loss of teeth:

You might start loosing your teeth with no major decay or plaque. Teeth start shaking or falling easily and gums loose theit strength.

Pain in Ear:

It might be surprising that pain in the ear can also be one of the common effects of cancer in the mouth. As mouth nerves are directly connected to the nerves of ear and brain, oral cancer may affect the ears and can cause pain in that area.


If you notice any of the above symptoms, don?t waste your time, immediately rush to your dentist and allow them to thoroughly check you and your symptoms. If required, undergo all test that the doctor recommends. Though cancer is a life threatening disease it can be cured if detected at a very early stage.


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